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Camp Without Borders is a free travel program for young adults (18 to 35 years old) with medical illnesses and disabilities. This inclusive program addresses issues of social, emotional and physical isolation. On our trips participants have an opportunity to develop genuine friendships with their peers.


  • Providing all of our programs free of charge. We recognize that cost can be a barrier to young adults with medical illnesses and disabilities accessing social programs, therefore we make our programs free for all individuals.

  • Providing a platform for genuine friendships where individuals of all abilities feel safe to connect with their peers through a shared experience. Every travel program is developed and adapted to meet the social, emotional and physical needs of our groups. Participants and volunteers of the same age bracket have the opportunity to bond and leave our trips with new social networks.

  • Providing an age appropriate program that is typical of any young adult. Using travel as our platform for social inclusion allows young adults with medical illnesses and disabilities to engage with their peers and explore the world. Travel is essential part of a young adults life where experiences are gained and memories are created.


  • Olympic Peninsula 

  • Victoria, B.C.

  • Portland

  • Bumbershoot Music Festival

  • Coachella Music Festival

  • Neah Bay (Adapted surfing)

  • Sol Duc Hotsprings Olympic National Park

  • Canoe and kayak trips and outrigger boating trips


Staycation is a new respite program offered by NOC Society!
Much like the flagship program Camp Without Borders, Staycation offers fun and safe programming, filled with age-appropriate adult (18+) activities.  On our day programs and weekend trips we explore, create, learn and most importantly make new friends.   Who doesn’t love a Staycation where you can engage with other adults and share new and exciting experiences?!  Staffed with experienced workers in the social services field, we aim to provide the highest level of safety and quality.  In our programs, we lead creative activities, celebrate holidays, hold social hours, attend music and sporting events and embark on weekend outdoor camping trips.  Quite simply we bring the FUN to adult programming and ensure safety and accessibility are always center stage.

Requirements to joining Staycation:

  • Must be 18+

  • Have transportation to and from our activity locations

  • Complete and submit the online application for consideration


Drive Forward (DF) is a new life skills program offered by the Needs Of the Community (NOC) Society. 
The mission of DF is to help individuals obtain their driver’s license for the purpose of greater independence and/or employment. Our program provides access to driver’s training by eliminating barriers such as resources and costs.  
Currently, we are gauging the interest to our program if it were to be offered to community members of Washington State. 

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