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Supporting members of the community by offering free programs that foster social inclusivity.


NOC Society launched in the US and Canada in 2017 with the sole purpose of supporting members of the community by offering free programs that foster social inclusivity. The first program in Seattle, Camp Without Borders, is a free travel program for young adults (18-35) with medical illnesses and disabilities. Since the inception of NOC Society, a variety of inclusive single or multi-day, age-appropriate trips such as adaptive surfing, music festivals, adaptive hiking, city tours have been offered!

Since 2003, co-founders Andrew Kim and Zac Gannett have worked in the field of social services and recognized the dire need for young adult programming that addresses social isolation. To meet this need, they launched Camp Without Borders to focus on accessible, free, age-appropriate social programs for the young adult population.  The genuine friendships, social skills and the confidence gained on our trips are instrumental to the overall well-being of young adults with medical illnesses and disabilities. 

Reflected in NOC Society’s logo of Maslow’s Hierarchy, NOC and its programs believe individuals must be physically and psychologically safe and have belonging and connection to meet their full potential. NOC Society looks forward to supporting communities of Washington and developing long-lasting partnerships with its members and organizations. Please take a look through our website, get connected and find out more about NOC Society.



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